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by admin, August 2, 2021

Paul Lee

Human needs are simple: Light, space, physical comfort. Human desires are more complex. Each one of us has an ideal or dream of where we wish to live or work and in what kind of place. A good architect will naturally pay close attention to a client’s wants and needs; Quality concepts can only flow from quality dialogue. This is where the journey of discovery begins.

About me

As an architect trained in Dublin and qualified from Bolton St. DIT in 1996, I’ve done my fair bit of design, planning and project management; mostly in the City and County of Cork- I’ve designed and managed many construction projects from dwellings to extensions to office buildings; I’ve gained massive experience over the years as a sole practitioner; I’ve met quite a few architects without the formal qualifications that I have, whom I would trust more than many who do have such qualifications; In fact that’s a general rule. The art of architecture has been regulated almost out of existence so it’s almost impossible to find an architect that understands his or her true purpose; Create buildings of architectural quality that enhance our lives internally and externally; Every day we dress our bodies appropriately and show ourselves and the world our healthy and happy selves- That is how we should approach the design of the kind of environments we create for ourselves and for others. The laws of planning, construction and building management are onerous to put it gently. Regulations and obligations have been ramped up to such an extent that by the time we’ve done all the paperwork and paid our fees there is little left for actual design and building.

My approach to architectural practise is not so much to assume I’m the expert because I have a degree- but if I do have expertise it’s due to training, experience and dedication to learning. At the same time, if the client, the builder or anyone else has an idea or suggestion that will contribute positively to a project it should be implemented. My skillset is not just for coming up with workable solutions to design and construction problems, but being able to judge whether any solution is workable or not.

I’m happy to discuss any projects that include one or all of the following:




3D Visualisation

Surveying/ 3D scanning

3D Mapping

Graphics & Web Design

These past 20 years my focus has been on education more than building; but my ability to teach is very much rooted in practise; as a consequence I’ve worked hard to become very good at design and construction; My approach is simple and because I don’t assume to be an “expert” things tend to work a lot better than when the conventional approach to design and construction is applied. This may sound counter-intuitive but having been designing and leading projects for 30 years all I can say is it works.

If you’re looking to pay astronomical fees for a less-than-guaranteed quality of service then look no further than where you’ll find plenty of options to choose from; If you’re looking for an architect you can reach me here:

I have plenty of references from satisfied clients which I’m happy to share if required.