Architecture of Cork

Cork City’s early remaining structures date back to about the 11th Century- Part of the Old City Walls are on display in Bishop Lucey Park off the Grand Parade. Most of the notable buildings date from Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times. The beautiful cut stone buildings are made from local limestone quarried from South of the river. The red sandstone is mostly quarried from beyond the North Channel.

There are so many layers of Cork’s history that it’s hard to illustrate them all on one site. From pagan places of worship to the founding of Saint Finbarre’s monastery to Viking settlement to Norman walled City, the seige of Cork, Catholic Emancipation, the 1916 Rising, The Burning of Cork, and Michael Collins founding of the Free State, and finally the current submission to the EU superstate. Cork has it all!

Does Cork still deserve the title of the “Rebel County”? We shall see!

Cork City 3D Prints


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